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Columbia County Sheriff Dennis Richards said during a news conference Thursday that 16 employees were working at the time of the blast at the Didion Milling Plant in Cambria, a small community about 45 miles northeast of Madison.

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She declined to release further details. University of Wisconsin Hospital spokeswoman Emily Kumlien says five people were air-lifted to her facility. She says four are in the hospital's burn center, while the fifth is in the hospital's trauma and life support center.

If you have any questions regarding where and how to use website laten maken (site), you can make contact with us at the web-page. JOHANNESBURG, May 30 (Reuters) - South Africa's Mr Price Group Ltd posted a 12 percent drop in full-year earnings, the first annual profit decline since 2001, as consumers struggle in a sluggish economy.

Egypt has been hit with a wave of terrorist attacks since 2013, following the military ouster of Islamist President Mohammed Morsi, with the Islamic State group focusing on Coptic Christians, Egypt's vulnerable minority.

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The measures are partially designed to defuse discontent over steep prices hikes for food, medicine and services resulting from reforms introduced in November, including floatation of the Egyptian pound, the introduction of value added tax and partial lifting of subsidies on fuel.

Divine Savior Hospital spokeswoman Haley Gilman says the hospital in nearby Portage received six people injured in the explosion. She says one was transferred to the burn unit at the University of Wisconsin Hospital in Madison, one was admitted to the intensive care unit and four were treated and released.

Have a look at their work experience in the field and ask them the criteria they have to hire the tenants. Do they bring the tenants by themselves or use the referring agencies? You can choose a good agent by making sure about the good quality of service. You should preferably choose an agent who is a member of a recognised industry body. Check if they are capable of having, or training staff up to the industrial standards.

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Thousands of landlords face financial disaster because of the wrong choice of agents, agencies or the tenants. By following certain careful steps, many small landlords can go for the safe side of the case. They face a rapid devastation because of their over confidence and sometimes for their too short planning. In the present day, it seems difficult to find and choose the real and professional letting agent, as there is a great rush of agencies in England and outside.

Mr Price, which also sells homeware and furniture, is facing increased competition from international chains including Zara, H&M and Cotton On and has lost market share as local competitors, such as the ailing Edcon, mark down stock.

Cambria Village President Glen Williams told Madison station WKOW that the fire was contained by early Thursday. He says there were no evacuations in the area and there's no threat from chemicals or fumes that he's aware of.

Mr Price blamed a drop in sales on weak consumer sentiment and the knock-on effects of political turmoil which culminated in President Jacob Zuma firing finance minister Pravin Gordhan in website laten maken March and credit ratings agencies downgrading the nation.
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